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People call us smart for numbering our cases.  It isn’t that we are really all that smart.  We just listen to our customers and our retailers.  Well, we are also a bit neurotic about organizing stuff.  We are bored to death of black, hate plastic and don’t want to carry a bag that looks like it came from a thrift store.  Do you? In the beginning. . .There was no grand plan.  In fact, there was only a one way ticket to the other side of the world from Seattle.  After more than a decade working in the corporate world, Della spent five months traveling in Asia.  Her adventures took her to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the beaches of Thailand and ultimately the fabric markets of Vietnam.  While in Vietnam, Della fell in love with the vibrant colors and the fabrics.  Ok, she also fell in love with the food.  Since importing fresh Vietnamese food seemed like a bit of a challenge, she opted to import bags and fabric. Della quickly discovered that knitters were looking for something more exciting than a brown paper sack or old tapestry bag to carry their knitting.

Della Q Bags and Needle Cases

Della Q
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